chance group

 Chance Rewards

The Chance Group offers its partners and its patrons the opportunity to participate in one of the world’s most unique and most enjoyable loyalty programs.

ChanceRewards™ is a program whereby TCG Partners are able to leverage their specific ‘comp’ reward programs and reward point systems into the ChanceRewards™ loyalty program – thereby allowing their players and members to get true value conversion based on their participation in a wide variety of other loyalty programs including, but not limited to: Frequent flier programs, frequent buyer programs, and travel programs.

The ChanceRewards™ generates additional value by allowing for interoperability with other exchange programs – i.e. empowering the members of other programs with the ability to convert existing loyalty points (flight, shopping, etc…) into TCG partner house credits (ChanceRewards ™).

A landmark opportunity has arisen in the loyalty game, and TCG believes that each of its members, whether player or partner – will gain significant benefit from the loyalty exchange.

For more specific ChanceRewards™ information or to sign up and begin exchanging your ChanceRewards™ right away, please see our ChanceRewards™ FAQ's or follow this link to our partner page on