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The Chance Group (TCG) is committed to the development and enforcement of the most demanding gaming service standards – providing a superior customer experience while ensuring the highest level of fair play. All TCG accredited sites are held accountable for compliance with its five principles:

Licensing - Every site accredited by TCG must be a legally licensed entity recognized and accountable in a jurisdiction where Internet Gambling is accepted and permitted by law. A minimum two-year license is required and the partner must be considered to be in good standing in the licensing country of origin. All sites accredited by TCG must be fully insured and must have unfettered access to adequate financial resources to sustain full operations effectively in the event of an unforeseen occurrence.

Fairness or Fair Play - In order to substantiate randomness, every site accredited by TCG must provide notarized documentation from a recognized neutral third party detailing the qualification and testing parameters that were utilized and the results of the test. As well, each partner is obligated to ensure that their software/platform is accessible to TCG for spontaneous systems screening. Furthermore, every site accredited by TCG should disclose its monthly financial statements for TCG third party auditing in order to verify the accuracy of the stated payout percentage.

Customer Service - Each TCG-accredited site should maintain real time multilingual customer service as well as a documented dispute resolution process. All participants accept that, as sites accredited by TCG, they are responsible for the maintenance of these requirements. Furthermore, all TCG-accredited sites will be subject to random sample testing to verify that all mediums (e-mail, live chat, and telephone) are being utilized to handle customer inquiries. As well, all accredited sites must ensure that inquiry response times remain within acceptable parameters.

Privacy - Every site accredited by TCG should ensure that all of its systems, transactions, and personal information is 100% secure and that an effective and easily understood privacy policy is enforced to ensure customer confidentiality. Furthermore, each site is obligated to utilize a third party-accredited eCash provider (such as PayPal, NetTeller, or Pre-Paid ATM) for all transactions.

Maintenance - All TCG-accredited sites maintain that their site is both current and free from any known bugs as they update the dynamic aspect of their site on an ongoing basis – to continue extending the known boundaries of online gaming. All partners requiring additional software, to either be downloaded or used by any member of the online gaming community, will make all arrangements to ensure that these fall under the same parameters as listed above and are the most recent/relevant possible.

If, at any time, a site accredited by TCG is found to be in violation of any requirement, the accredited site will become temporarily unavailable to all TCG partners until full re-compliance is adhered to satisfactorily.

To learn more about the accreditation process or to submit your casino for initial screening with regard to becoming a TCG-accredited site, please send an e-mail with ‘Partnership Inquiries’ in the subject line to

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    Partner including major frequent flier programs, frequent buyer programs and travel programs, building the web experience and creating pointsxchange™ - the world’s first and only currency exchange structured as a loyalty program.
  • Accredited site
    Accredited site Grand Parker Casino - Accredited Site - August 2012. Established in February 2012, this online casino is licensed in Curacao. Grand Banks Casino utilizes Realtimegaming software for its games and the services of Central Deposit for its eCash services
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    Each Chance Group 'In Approval' site listed below is being assessed for demonstrated commitment to quality, integrity, security, customer service, fair play, and genuine vision
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    The Chance Group strives to maintain clear and open communication with all parties interested in learning more about TCG. For all inquiries please select one of the following subjects: