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  • THE CHANCE GROUP chance rewards playtournaments casino online accredited site casinos audited casinos
  • I Play Tournaments (IPT) is the only tournament system of its kind on the Internet today. The system brings added value to both TCG partner sites and their patrons. IPT empowers all sites accredited by TCG to host online casino tournaments as an added dimension of player enjoyment.
  • Difference The Chance Group (TCG) is committed to the development and enforcement of the most demanding gaming service standards – providing a superior customer experience while ensuring the highest level of fair play. All TCG accredited sites are held accountable for compliance with its five principles:
  • Partner including major frequent flier programs, frequent buyer programs and travel programs, building the web experience and creating pointsxchange™ - the world’s first and only currency exchange structured as a loyalty program.
  • Accredited site Grand Parker Casino - Accredited Site - August 2012. Established in February 2012, this online casino is licensed in Curacao. Grand Banks Casino utilizes Realtimegaming software for its games and the services of Central Deposit for its eCash services
  • Each Chance Group 'In Approval' site listed below is being assessed for demonstrated commitment to quality, integrity, security, customer service, fair play, and genuine vision
  • The Chance Group strives to maintain clear and open communication with all parties interested in learning more about TCG. For all inquiries please select one of the following subjects:
  • The Chance Group offers its partners and its patrons the opportunity to participate in one of the world’s most unique and most enjoyable loyalty programs.
  • Audited casinos The Chance Group has retained the services of an accredited third party auditor. Every TCG-accredited site partner must undergo a complete audit – including deposits made to, wagers placed at and monies paid out – are analyzed extensively. Upon analyzing the statistics, the auditor proceeds to prepare the monthly audit reports (found below) to verify that payout percentages have been calculated correctly and represented accurately. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the following reports.
  • AUDITORS' REPORT We have audited the statistics of Grand Banks Casino for the month ended
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